Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Basket Brigade for Community Residents in Need

In 2005 the Long Beach Basket Brigade was formed by a small group of individuals driven to make a difference in their local community.  We began in the home of a local Long Beach resident, pulling together all of our resources in order to make a difference.  We came together with a common goal to assist families in need .   That year the Long Beach Basket Brigade raised $2000 and delivered 50 baskets to needy families.   Since that year, we have grown immensely, doubling our efforts every year.  What began on the sofa of one family, gradually has become a powerful group making a difference one family at a time.   In 2009, we established our Non-Profit and were awarded our 501 (c) (3) status.   Every year we raise money and we are able to help struggling families all over the Long Beach Community.  Each year the response from the community is astounding.  Even more impressive is the response from people all over the globe.  We receive donations and encouragement from all over the world.     Individuals and local businesses participate by donating their time and resources,  local residents become a team of volunteers and are given the opportunity to serve,  hundreds of families in need are provided a Thanksgiving feast, and as the result, countless people are filled with gratitude and touched by the generosity of one community uniting together.

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