Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Caring for Disabled Animals

Storybook Acres photo
It's normal for one Daily Prism story to lead us to another with a similar theme.  And that's exactly how we discovered Storybook Acres Disabled Animal Rescue.   St. Francis must be smiling.  The following is from the nonprofit's website:

In our country kitchen sits a wooden rocking chair where animals get cuddled and rocked.  During a visit to Storybook Acres you would 
find animals coming and going to warm up by the fireplace or snacking on cookies and milk.

On this European farm we have goats with congenital joint deformities, a dog and pig that are blind, and a dog with a permanent hip injury pygmy, togenberg, alpine goats, a miniature donkey, chickens, ducks, and sheep. We use herbal medication made right in Michele’s kitchen.  Our herbal cleaners, muscle rubs, bug repellents, and soaps are used by the family and animals alike.

Living on a farm is a privilege.  We take our blessings seriously and 
hopefully earn the right to live this very happy life.

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