Friday, December 19, 2014

Expedition for Global Peace & Friendship Official

The Mt. Everest Expedition for Global Peace and Friendship, has received its NGO status from the government of Nepal.  In a recent letter, leaders wrote,

As we are all eyewitness to the present world that it has badly made paralyzed by the terrorism, violence and the various inhuman activities. Each and every individual in his/her community of their societies around the world have been affected of violence and terror directly or indirectly. Today’s human society is looking forward to getting rid of the violence, terrorism to live peacefully. We all agree that we cannot continue our civilizations, social development and mutual understanding ahead without true peace and real friendship. There is impossible to exercise fundamental human rights without true understanding of peace and friendship, and applying it to our everyday life.

 So, to stand still for the sake of true peace and real friendship, we have planed and fixed a peace campaign named Mt Everest Expedition for Global Peace and Friendship, and to say ‘NO’ to get rid of terrorism, violence and instability around the world.

 It is impossible for mankind to get happiness and progress without true peace and friendship. We would like to remind every individuals living globally that we all need friendship for the peace, and the peace for the development. Just a single person or society can do only a little thing. So we all need to be one for the restoration of peace and friendship, and for the betterment of both mankind and the mother earth. For this reason we are going to welcome the national flags, the national symbols of each and every country around the world to put, and let them fluttering and flying high on the roof of the world—Mt Everest to say YES to peace and friendship.

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