Monday, January 5, 2015

Giving Circle Grows in Width

Photo by Sophie Gindea/Courtesy of Challah for Hunge
By Tom Held at Philanthropy Today

The Natan Fund, a Jewish giving circle based in New York City, has launched a website and resource library to help potential philanthropists join the growing movement of collaborative charity in small groups.

Launched in September, Amplifier: The Jewish Giving Circle Movement, has more than 40 member organizations. Its creators set their goal at attracting another 50 in 2015.

Giving circles are formed by individual donors with common interests, often civic or religious, and are most popular among women, minorities, and donors under 40. Participants pool their charitable contributions and decide as a group where to allocate those philanthropic funds.

The goal is to increase the impact of their charity work, connect more directly to nonprofits, and learn more about philanthropy.

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