Saturday, January 10, 2015

Global Meditations for Kindness and Peace

Many of us are looking for ways to contribute to world peace and to heal the earth. The Maitreya Peace Meditation is a simple method for leading people ‘of every faith and none’ to the very heart of loving-kindness, which is the root cause of peace and happiness for all beings.

We invite you to try the Maitreya Peace Meditation, which you may download here, in nine languages, both as an audio file and as a print out.

We hope you will feel inspired to do this meditation whenever it is convenient for you. Additionally, because there is an extra power that comes from meditating in a group, we have organised special times for the Maitreya Peace Meditation to be conducted at different places around the world.

When we come together, it is easier to motivate to do the practice in the first place and there is a sense of community that makes our experience richer. Please join us to support one another while sending loving-kindness to every corner of our suffering world.

We live in very uncertain times. Humanity and all living things are constantly under threat and there is an urgent need to create the causes for harmony throughout the world. All of the world's major religions and humanitarian traditions teach the ethical values of tolerance, patience, loving-kindness and compassion. As these universal values are embraced and take root in the minds and hearts of more and more people, world peace will become attainable.

Maitreya Buddha is the embodiment of loving-kindness, the cause of peace. The Maitreya Peace Meditation is a practical method by which anyone, of any or even no religion, can generate loving-kindness, the real cause of peace. It is based on a meditation that Lama Yeshe often led during his public talks around the world and was first recorded by Ven. Sangye Khadro for Maitreya Project’s DVD. We have organised special times for the Maitreya Peace Meditation to be conducted around the world.

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