Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Indigenous People Fund Indigenous Communities

C. Coimbra photo
Indigenous peoples have survived and thrived for thousands of years by building strong societies—tight-knit communities in which each individual is equally invested and the benefits are shared by all.

The goal of First Peoples Worldwide, a non profit developed in 1997 by Cherokee social entrepreneur Rebecca Adamson, “... is to offer this time-tested model to the global community as we face challenges on a global scale...We believe that this collaboration begins at the local level, community by community, and can be spread virally all over the world.”

First Peoples Worldwide focuses on “...funding local development projects in Indigenous communities all over the world while creating bridges between our communities and corporations, governments, academics, NGOs and investors in their regions. We facilitate the use of traditional Indigenous knowledge in solving today’s challenges, including climate change, food security, medicine, governance and sustainable development.

“We are unique among grant makers because we are an Indigenous-led organization providing funding directly to Indigenous communities. Not only do our head staff come from Indigenous backgrounds, but our global network of board members, grantees and other Indigenous practitioners represent the diversity and solidarity of the Indigenous way of life.”

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