Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Replumbing Old Ideas on Water

A sense of community, water saving sustainable solutions, and watershed maintenance are some of the results of a Los Angeles County nonprofit, TreePeople '... working in partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, the City of Los Angeles and other local stakeholders to create a large-scale sustainable watershed management demonstration project in a 2,700-acre San Fernando Valley watershed."

One of the projects, Elmer Avenue, "...demonstrates an alternative approach to dealing with flooding, related pollution, and the L.A. region’s chronic water shortages.The street has been retrofitted with a variety of rainwater harvesting techniques that filter water back into the ground. It conserves water with the use of climate appropriate landscaping and native trees. This one city block now catches, cleans, and reuses rain and stormwater from a 40-acre area upstream. Infiltration galleries beneath the street are designed to provide 16 acre-feet of groundwater recharge annually (about the same amount of water used by 30 households in a year). The project increases wildlife habitat and community access to greenspace, and new sidewalks and solar powered street lights make the neighborhood safer and more walkable," notes the TreePeople website.

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