Thursday, February 19, 2015

Calling all Volunteer Neighborhood Yetis

If your secret desire is to be Yeti for a day (or more), a Boston “professional neighbor,” has plenty of opportunity for you to play out your fantasy—help neighbors dig out from the snow.

Since 2012, Snowcrew has helped neighbors in need get dugout from snowstorms.

The Boston Globe reports, Today the project has grown into a national website, and it’s bracing for a flood of offers and requests for help after this forthcoming storm.

At, residents can post a description of the shoveling help they need: A car, a driveway, something else—and able volunteers, or “Yetis” in Snow Crew parlance, can find and assist them.

“If there’s snow covering the cars, the more specific you are the better,” Porcelli said. He suggests sharing only what information you are comfortable leaving up on the Web. “You can just say, I need help shoveling.”

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