Thursday, February 12, 2015

Don't Kill That Dog! I'll Pay Its Vet Bill--A True Story

A true personal story:

"Three dogs rushed up to my truck when I arrived at Mrs. Jones' house to repair her appliance yesterday.  One of the dogs was completely shaved from his underbelly to his tail.  So I asked Mrs. Jones what happened.

"She said, 'I took this little one (pointing to the little mixed breed Chihuahua barking up a storm) to the vet last week.  While there, the vet explained to a man that his dog needed a very expensive operation.  He told the vet to just put the dog down. He couldn't afford the surgery and the dog was old anyway.  I jumped into the conversation and said that it would be a shame to kill the dog if the surgery would save its life.  The short of it is, I said that I'd pay for the surgery and keep the dog.'"

Mrs. Jones negotiated payments with the veterinarian, the dog had its life-saving surgery, and now lives in its new forever home with Mrs. Jones and her other two dogs.

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