Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Good News Rules!

While big news outlets reported humanity-discouraging news this week, they also reported on the absolute kindness of humans.  In fact, there were more stories of kind acts than brutal acts.  At The Daily Prism, we'll focus on the good and know this is the way of most people.


A Detroit man’s daily 21-mile walk to work has inspired people across the country to raise more than $60,000 to buy him a car and pay for his auto insurance. And at least two car dealerships have offered to donate brand new vehicles to ease his travel.

Every weekday, James Robertson, 56, leaves his home in Detroit and travels miles to his factory job in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Public transportation doesn’t cover the full route of his commute, so he walks about eight miles to work and about 13 miles home. He also takes a bus ride part-way to work. He has endured the trek since his Honda Accord stopped working in 2005. But despite the challenges, Robertson reportedly has perfect attendance at his job, where he earns $10.55 per hour molding parts.

From NBC News

Coast Guard crews rescued a dog from an icy Michigan lake on Tuesday morning, after the dog jumped into a channel and fell through a sheet of ice. Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, fire officials rescued a black Labrador puppy who also fell into frigid waters Tuesday afternoon.

Members of the Coast Guard Station at Frankfort, Michigan, were having a meeting Tuesday morning when one of them spotted the dog in the icy waters of Betsie Lake.

"The dog went straight down and was in the water," Tim Putnam, a boatswain mate third class, told NBC News. "We knew he wasn't getting out himself."

The Coast Guard crew rushed to the lake, with Putnam swimming out about 200 feet into the channel that was covered in loose ice, he said.

"I had to push a lot of the ice out of the way, it was pretty exhausting," he said. Putnam said he could see the dog was shivering, but the pooch attempted to swim towards him as he got closer.

"It was almost like he knew it was his last chance. Luckily we got him out in time, it didn't look like he had too much left in him."

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