Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Recycled Bottles Help Feed Homeless Animals

Meet Pugedon - the vending machine where you put the drink bottles in, and out comes a portion of food for Istanbul's stray dogs and cats to gobble up.

The profit made from the recycled bottles covers the cost of the pet food, so the machine works economically, while it is also super eco-friendly, as it runs off solar power.

Engin Girgin, inventor of the machine, told Der Spiegel: 'My primary goal was to make people see that they don't have to spend any money to help stray dogs. And I also wanted to show that people can do good deeds with things they would normally throw away.

'At the same time, of course, I know that we don't give much priority to recycling here in Turkey. In my opinion, this has to change. So I basically killed two birds with one stone.'

--From Daily Mail

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