Tuesday, February 17, 2015

She Brings Them Water

Water depleted California reservoir
Last July in a drought-plagued California town where wells have run dry and school kids go without baths because there's no more running water in their homes, a 72-year-old woman took it upon herself to help her dry and thirsty neighbors.

Her well went dry too, but after a local newspaper wrote about the water problems and then shared the contacts of the drought victims with her, “The next day there were pallets of plastic bottles under her tarp carport,” writes a Los Angeles Times report. It goes on, “(The 72-year-old ) deputized a 19-year-old former neighbor, as her right-hand man to make the deliveries. The calls from people needing water came as quickly as the donated bottles.”

Once the rest of the community understood the gravity of the situation, local nonprofits began collecting and distributing water to families with dry wells, along with the woman who first took to helping out her dry community.

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