Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Addressing Institutional Racism

Editor's Note:  For the next twelve days The Daily Prism will feature organizations and thoughts that promote anti-racism, non-violence, and address fear and change.

Solid Ground is committed to addressing institutional racism in our organization and in our community. This work is integral to our mission and we deeply examine the ways institutional racism impacts our organization and our clients.

Over half of the people we serve are people of color. Many of the barriers they face are a direct result of institutional racism: housing discrimination, benefits denied to immigrants, predatory lending, etc.

We challenge racism internally first by naming it and talking about it with our staff. We educate ourselves about what institutional racism is and how we can work to undo it. We strive to increase the representation of people of color on our staff and Board. We critically evaluate the cultural competency of our services and assess the impact of our efforts to improve them.

We also work to educate the broader community through Anti-Racism Events and by promoting anti-racism work with other area nonprofit organizations.

--From the Solid Ground website

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