Thursday, March 19, 2015

Collective Liberation Connection

Shannen Maas and Amy Love are a part of a collective of four women in Long Beach, California who were inspired to make a difference after they saw the need for a platform to address human rights and animal rights.

The group strives for liberation of all species,  human and non-human, and they want to give their community the opportunity to learn about the parallels between human and animal oppression in addition to learning new ways to be active within these movements. The Collective Liberation Conference was created for this purpose and will be action oriented and solution based.

Shannen explains, “We want conference attendees to walk away feeling empowered to get active and save lives.”

The Collective Liberation Conference will take place at California State University of Long Beach. The mission of the conference is to inform participants about the intersections of many forms of oppression and encourage activism and advocacy in order to dismantle these systems of oppression. In order to ensure that this event is accessible to anyone who wants or needs the information, the conference will be free for participants.

To learn more about the Collective Liberation Conference, visit their Facebook page.

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