Thursday, March 12, 2015

Graphic Artists Raise "Waste" Awareness

It all started for Gus Morainslie with a graphic design project on global warming. The more he drew, read, and researched, the more he realized that climate change was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what needs to change in our world.

Born in México City, Gus drew on his roots, his passion for graphic design, and his mentors’ wisdom to create a ground-breaking project: Segunda Llamada. This world-renowned international design competition has drawn thousands of submissions from over 40 countries, on some of our favorite topics ranging from consumerism to plastic waste.

Why use graphic design to get the word out? Gus shared, “Designers, photographers, graphic artists of all sorts around the world are responsible for creating most of the images that persuade people to desire and buy Stuff! We can —and must— use those skills to raise awareness, and to inspire a change of habits for the greater good of our communities, states, countries, planet!”

We asked Gus: “If you could present one image to one world leader, what image would it be? He said: “I chose an ecology poster by the amazing designer Luba Lukova: I would show it to every major world leader, every politician and decision maker; actually, every person in the world! Everybody has to understand that all our actions and habits have a huge impact on the planet. Our choices affect not only ourselves, but future generations.“

Talking to Gus reminded us that when we’re building a better world – we need every kind of changemaker. Not just resisters – but also networkers, investigators, and definitely artists!

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