Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Love or Perish"

Dr. E. Franklin Frazier, in an interesting essay entitled “The Pathology of Race Prejudice,” included several examples of white persons who were normal, amiable, and congenial in their day-to-day relationships with other white persons but when they were challenged to think of Negroes as equals or even to discuss the question of racial injustice, they reacted with unbelievable irrationality and an abnormal unbalance. This happens when hate lingers in our minds. Psychiatrists report that many of the strange things that happen in the subconscious, many of our inner conflicts, are rooted in hate. They say, love or perish. Modern psychology recognizes that Jesus taught centuries ago: Hate divides the personality and love in an amazing and inexorable way unites it.

--Martin Luther King, Jr.

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