Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Raising Funds for Distressed Jews in Ukraine

Photo from MiniFest "Jewish Odessa"
Editor's Note: This post came to the attention of The Daily Prism from the author of The Spoon from Minkowitz, Judith Fein.

Excerpted from:  MiniFest "Jewish Odessa"

The Impact

Jewish community in Ukraine is in great distress now. Through our work in JCC we can see how important it is for people to communicate and distract themselves from the war and keep their sanity. Especially now, disadvantaged categories of population needs psychological and friendly support.
This post came to our attention by the author of The Spoon from Minkowitz, Judith Fein

Our campaign meets crucial needs of Jewish community, so we are sure people will be happy to participate in it. Raising up emotional and psychological state of mind of members of our community will have a great impact on their further well-being. Through our campaign’s master classes, families will get professional psychological help; kids will get their own classes and will spend a great day on a playground. Yard Sale during our campaign will allow people to get new things they needed, but could not afford. As participation in the project is free, families would be even more compelled to participate in it, knowing the difficult economical situation in the country.

What the money is for

We want to help people even more now that Ukraine is facing such political and economical troubles. But financial situation in the country and low budget doesn’t let us do extra projects. So we’ve started our campaign for others to help us. Together we can make a better difference in the world!

The money will go only for materials, payment to psychologists and leaders of master-classes, lunch and refreshments. We do not ask anything aside of these.

Here's how my budget breaks down:

• 8 different master-classes for 4 hours - 320$
• Materials that are needed for master-classes - 200$
• 9 hours of psychological trainings - 270$
• Lunch for all the participants and refreshments through the day - 3000$ (details below)
• Contingencies - 210$

Lunch and refreshments are for 40 families (one family is usually 3-4 people and leader of master-classes&trainings). Odessa Kosher restaurants are quite expensive so the sum we need is totally reasonable

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