Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Feeding Hungry Children

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ADA, OKLAHOMA – The Chickasaw Nation is making history as it becomes the first Native American tribe in the United States to partner with the United States Department of Agriculture on a unique program to feed hungry children.

The tribe and the USDA have partnered for many years to promote healthy lifestyles and fight hunger. This USDA grant program is unique in that it targets at-risk children on the medical center campus. If a child is examined or has a routine appointment at the medical center, the first question asked is “are you hungry or have you eaten today?” If the child answers ‘no,’ a nutritious, healthy meal is provided.

In addition, the program will provide a meal to any child at the medical center, even if the child is not receiving medical care.

...This announcement comes only a few weeks after the Chickasaw Nation was awarded a grant of $9.7 million to support the Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services Demonstration Project to End Childhood Hunger, a program that will deliver food to homes with children who qualify for free school meals, Rowe announced.

That Chickasaw Nation demonstration program will allow families to shop for groceries online to be delivered directly to their homes by the charity Feed the Children. Families will also receive benefit checks to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at authorized grocery stores, officials said.

--an excerpt from Native News Online

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