Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Human Chain Links to Clean Nepal River

Human chain to clean Bagmati River.  Lauren Shakya photo
Kathmandu photographer, Lauren Shakya, posted the following on her Facebook page:

"Saturday, 100 000 people (personalities, political, volunteers, military...) met in a human chain along the 56 km of the Bagmati River which flows through the Kathmandu Valley in order to mark the 100th week of cleaning. Since 18 may 2013, more than 3000 tons of solid waste have been removed from the waters.

"Work is still a result since there remain to clean the water of particulate pollution, to put in place all of this in the sewer and above all, educate the population.

"But this is already a good start!"

Volunteers to help bring the Bagmati River back to health include Friends of the Bagmati River and the Save Bagmati Campaign.

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