Thursday, April 23, 2015

Puja Ceremony to Sagamartha at Mountaineer's Base Camp

April 23, 2015. 
Day 10 of the 
Mt. Everest Expedition for 
Global Peace and Friendship.

The last public post from Phurba Thile Sherpa, leading a trek for peace and friendship to the top of Mt. Everest, was on April 16, 2015.  Now on his tenth day into the climb, Sherpa noted that his health has been fine, "till today."  I hope there is a collective prayer and positive thoughts for his well being as he climbs higher and higher into thin air.

"Greetings From Mt. Everest base camp," begins today's post by the mountaineer.

"Today we held a Puja --a wishing ceremony with mountain Goddess,"  Sherpa notes.

When I researched the word "puja" I found this on Alan Arnette's blog when he climbed Mr. Everest to raise funds to end Alzhiermer's:  "Before any work begins on the mountain we’ll have a Puja ceremony, this ceremony is believed to make contact with divine Sagamartha (Mount Everest) and ask her for clear the passage for everyone, the Sherpa climbers will not climb before they are blessed, this will take place tomorrow morning so the trekkers can be part of it too. This is the most important blessing for our team; Western climbers, Sherpa climbers, food and equipment."

"Early tomorrow morning planing to go set up C1. (C1: 19,500'/5943m - 3-6 hours, 1.62 miles) Very exiting to walk and climbing on Khumbu Icefall. Sorry I am not able to post pictures because very week internet here. My health condition is perfect till today."

Sherpa intends to place 193 national flags on the top of Mt. Everest to symbolize world peace and friendship.  

A man of meager means, he has personally funded this climb. Persons interested in donating to the NGO, Mt. Everest Global Expedition for Global Peace and Friendship , may leave a message with this blog.  

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