Thursday, May 7, 2015

Essay Series On 'Unconscious Racial Biases' Begins

From Ferguson to Baltimore, police departments have been facing accusations of racial bias. Protesters, politicians, and the media all have something to say--and so does science. Studies suggest that the issue is complicated, and poorly understood.

That's why Greater Good is launching a new series to shed light on the role of unconscious racial biases across the criminal justice system. Editor in Chief Jason Marsh kicks off the series with an essay covering the scientific evidence of those biases, raising the question: How can we reduce their harmful, often tragic effects?

The rest of the essays will address that question with practical, research-based ideas. This week, Jeremy Adam Smith reports on new research suggesting how racial bias in law enforcement may have its roots in the educational system, and he offers solutions for addressing how these biases hurt kids as they grow to adulthood.

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