Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fish Market Aims to Feed the Hungry

To raise awareness for the hungry and mark the 30th anniversary of Giovanni’s Fish Market in Morro Bay, Giovanni DeGarimore plans to offer free fish and chips...“My dad loved helping people in any way he could, and he passed those ethics down to me,” DeGarimore said. “Now it’s up to Giovanni’s to give back to those in need.”

...He’s encouraging individuals to bring a person or family “that might be homeless or hungry so that we can feed them” and has reached out to various homeless organizations and the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County for their help. “The trick is, ‘How do we get the hungry here?’”

...“I also want to be an example to other business owners, and encourage them to do something similar,” DeGarimore said, adding “This could be way bigger than me.”

...Asked how much this will cost the restaurant, DeGarimore estimated about $5,000 if 1,000 people show up, more if he gives away additional meals.

“I’ve been blessed in my life, and I want to give back in a big way. … Someday I might need to be fed, and someone might remember the day I gave away fish and chips.”

--From SLO Tribune

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