Friday, May 22, 2015

Opinion: True Quality of Life

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Today’s post comes in the form of an opinion from observation.

The voices are loud that attack those persons who appear to have a deep love for the planet and the life that it harbors.  At times is seems that anger and hostility is the alpha force to the right way of living. But here at The Daily Prism, we believe the alpha force to living is embodied by the gentle souls who care deeply about the true quality of life.

A true quality of life begins with inner peace within us.  This is not an easy point to reach.  Life tosses frustration into our faces like pigs digging for grub in a sty.  This means that even those who seek balance and peace are daily confronted with challenges that give us an opportunity to learn more about our inner workings.  There are many times when we fail that challenge.  But the difference between those who seek that inner sanctuary and those who rail against peace is the ability to get back on to that peace train and try again.  This does not mean that he or she is a hypocrite.  It means that we are each learning what we can in the best way that we can.

Like day and night, life and death, there are two sides to every thing.  There is no one path.  There is no one way. We traverse mountains and valleys to see and experience this place called Earth.  The only constant is interconnection.  This is where we discover our personal way to finding peace within, and this is where we, as humans possessing this thing called a soul, spread well-being.

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