Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sad Ending to Mt. Everest Peace Expedition

Mt. Everest Expedition for Global Peace and Friendship Struck Down at Base Camp

The Daily Prism is pleased to hear from the mountaineer, Phurba Thile Sherpa today.  Unfortunately, the news of his peace expedition up Mt. Everest is tragic.  We had assumed that his team made it to Camp 1 prior to the April 25 earthquake-fueled avalanches on Mt. Everest.  But it appears from his post that his team were at Base Camp when the avalanche struck.

I am back in Kathmandu safely from Everest Base Camp. I am well and physical fit. We lost 5 members of our Expedition team and several injured. 4 of them are severely injured. We are taking care of injured people in hospital.

I am very sorry for late update. I couldn't update my status because I lost all  my equipments, laptop, camera, phone and everything was lost. I was on the way to Kathmandu and communication was very hard. I was busy for managing transportation to injured people. We lost all our equipments and everything on the avalanche. The cost of all the lost equipments is not yet calculated.


And this post from the Mt. Everest Expedition for Global Peace and Friendship Facebook page:

on 25 April, Nepal face one of the darkest period of its history. Nepal was hit by 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It is estimated that more than 10000 lives has been lost and many more have been injured during this accident. Our Mt. Everest Expedition has been cancelled because of this earthquake. It has been confirmed, 18 people have lost their life in avalanche triggered by earthquake till now in Everest Base Camp. 

Many people are affected by this earthquake are in need of help. Our organization, Global Peace Friendship Form,Nepal is organizing program to help them. We would request all of the people to support us. 

You can help us in any possible way. Any help will be highly appreciated. If you want to support us financial this is our organization bank details:

Global Peace Friendship Form,Nepal.
Bank a/c No: 02902050250610
shift code: NIBLNPKT 
Or Contact us for more details

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