Wednesday, June 10, 2015

French & UK Grocers End Food Wasting

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Food waste is becoming less and less acceptable in Western Europe.

Just days after France's parliament voted to stop big grocers from wasting food -- which will lead to the businesses giving to charities or farms instead -- Britain's largest supermarket chain is enacting a plan for a handful of its stores to give away unsold food to nonprofit organizations, Reuters reported.

In 10 of its U.K. stores, Tesco will be giving away food it otherwise would dispose of to women's refuge centers and children breakfast clubs. The move will help curb the massive amount of food wasted globally each year -- a problem that allows widespread hunger to persist.

"This is potentially the biggest single step we've taken to cut food waste," said Dave Lewis, Tesco chief executive, according to Reuters. "We hope it marks the start of eliminating the need to throw away edible food in our stores."

--Excerpted From Huffington Post

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