Saturday, June 20, 2015

Water in the Desert--Humanitarian Relief Effort

"No More Deaths" photo
Regardless of one's political beliefs about immigration, particularly immigration from the U.S. southern borders, especially those areas where immigrants must cross the deadly southwestern desert,  the humanitarian impact remains.

A southern Arizona nonprofit, No More Deaths, formed by community and faith groups, where volunteers provide food, water, and medical aid to the migrants in the desert. They also offer humanitarian aid to people in Mexico who have been deported from the US.

"Since 2004, No More Deaths has maintained a humanitarian presence in the 262-square-mile corridor where over half of known migrant deaths in recent years have occurred. This militarized region, deemed the “Tucson Sector” and treated as a war zone by the Department of Homeland Security, disproportionately plays host to the mass migration without papers of people from the Americas," states the website.

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