Friday, July 31, 2015

A Place to Post Good Deeds

A website called Good Deeds, asks the public to post good deeds.  The website scrolls the posts on its home page.  Here's a sample scrolling now:

  • My son went to a tire store a couple months ago to purchase tires for his vehicle and he overheard a conversation between the sales associate and an older woman. He heard the employee explain to the woman that she needed more than one tire to have a safe vehicle. The woman asked if she could apply for a line of credit to try to buy tires because she only had enough money for one tire. The woman went to fill out the app for credit and my son asked the associate to install 4 new tires on the womans car and he paid for it. God bless my son. I'm so proud of him! 

  • A million thank yous to Jo Dee of Central London who picked up my hand bag that I left on the platform at Bond Street station. She looked on my mobile 'phone for the most frequently called number (my partner's) and rang him to say she had the bag. When we collected it from her, she told us that people where eye-ing the bag and she knew someone would steal it, so she boldly picked it up despite the stares of others. Her incredibly honest and selfless act has restored my faith in human goodness. Thank you a million times Jo Dee. 

  • I would like to say thank you to Richard Clark who donates his time to children giving them free art classes and stimulating their imaginations. He offers the free classes to children 6 through 17 every Saturday at absolutely no cost to parents. It's good to see someone give back. God Bless you Mr. Clark 

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