Wednesday, July 22, 2015

King of the Road: Plastics

It's an idea that's on paper, and an interesting idea.  To begin with, "In the United States alone more than 250 million tons of waste are generated every year, 136 million of which is dumped into landfills. While no one can calculate how much waste is generated globally, the numbers range in the billions: at least 200 billion plastic bottles, 58 billion disposable cups, and hundreds of billions of plastic bags are trashed annually," according to Record.  

So VolkerWessels, a Rotterdam corporation, is developing a means to take plastic and use it in making roads. "PlasticRoad features numerous advantages compared to conventional roads, both in terms of construction and maintenance. Plastic is much more sustainable and opens the door for a number of new innovations such as power generation, quiet road surfaces, heated roads and modular construction. Additionally, the PlasticRoad design features a 'hollow' space that can be used for cables, pipes and rainwater," notes the VolkerWessels' website.

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