Thursday, August 20, 2015

$20 Million Pledged for Refugee Syrian Children

Relief International photo

A Turkey philanthropist agreed to donate $20 million to the international nonprofit, Relief International, to support a five-year relief strategy for children suffering from the Syrian conflict.

The donor, Sezgin Baan Korkmaz explains in a Relief International media release, "As someone who grew up as a very poor child in Turkey, I have lived through the crisis of not having basic life necessities like food and clothing. I, myself, was the recipient of kindness as a child, and I dream for a world where children do not need to suffer. I hope through this partnership, the people of this conflicted part of our world will be given a chance for dignity and prosperity."

The media release reads, "Through this historic partnership, Relief International and Korkmaz will join forces to build schools, create healthcare facilities and launch social impact ventures to provide humanitarian relief in the region. Korkmaz will be the strategic partner in providing local guidance and support locally to develop innovative solutions for delivery of more efficient and effective relief initiatives through the region."

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