Saturday, August 22, 2015

Compounding Every Day Good

C. Coimbra photo
There is no link to follow on this shard of light from the prism, just my word from a conversation I had yesterday.  My project was to photograph a woman who I will feature in an upcoming  newspaper column I write for my local newspaper.

I like to chat with the subject that I'm photographing.  It puts them at ease and I might catch that perfectly natural moment.  But what I did catch was how one good deed leads to another.

While my subject volunteered to tidy up a garden that she previously volunteered to plant for a community center, she shared the following:

"Our church group volunteers to pick up trash along the highway.  When we are out on the roadside, there is a man who sometimes sees us while driving by. He stops and hands us coupons for a free meal at his restaurant, and then says, 'Thanks for doing this.'"

Every day people compounding every day good. It all adds up.

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