Friday, August 21, 2015

Marine Debris Removal from Sacred Lands

C. Coimbra photo
In June, the Wiyot Tribe completed a major marine debris removal effort on Indian Island in Humboldt Bay in Northern California. The removal of legacy industrial marine debris from the Tribe’s sacred lands at Tuluwat Village was part of a major project that also included public outreach and education and the removal of abandoned concrete floating-dock sections scattered throughout Humboldt Bay.

With the assistance of NOAA’s Community-Based Marine Removal Program, the Wiyot Tribe completed the removal and disposal of more than ten tons of assorted debris. In addition, they removed 30 concrete and Styrofoam floats from Humboldt Bay and 2 others from Samoa Beach before the floats weathered, broke apart, or entered the Pacific Ocean. The Tribe and its partners broadened this effort's reach through a number of public outreach and education events, including two volunteer cleanup days, a Humboldt Bay Boat Tour, and a Marine Debris themed “Ocean Night” at the Arcata Community Theater.

--From NOAA

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