Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Army of Kindness" Where Wildfires Burn

From the Petaluma Animal Services in Petaluma, Ca., near where the devastating wildfires burn in Northern California:

ValleyFire response update: Officer Mark spent most of yesterday leading convoys of supplies through check points to reach the Moose Lodge and Middletown Vet Hospital with essentials. At home, staff coordinated a medical drop, including medicine, bandages, burn ointment and blankets for Middletown Vet Hospital. We delivered 2 pallets of donated food, litter and bedding to our Calistoga relief area, for distribution there, as well as via convoy. We are blown away by the legions of volunteers, drivers, donors and organizations making this possible. We update on our part in it here, as this is your PASF donations at work right now. Thank you for your continued support. #ArmyofKindness

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