Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Canadian Outreach to Syrian Refugees

CTV News reports from Vancouver:

The image of a drowned Syrian boy has sparked outrage and a desire to help refugees around the world.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says there are more than four million Syrians who have left their country and are desperately looking for somewhere to settle.

Record numbers are trying to reach Europe and many are fleeing poverty and violence in Iraq, Syria and Sub-Saharan Africa. More than 350,000 have attempted the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean this year.

And then there are those left behind. Inside the country, there are 12.2 million Syrians that need emergency assistance, 5.6-million of which are children.

World Vision is among the Canadian organizations on the ground in Syria providing emergency aid to the desperate and displaced.

Lindsay Gladding, team leader for World Vision’s Humanitarian Emergency Assistance programs, called the situation “desperate.”

“People need food, clean water, health care,” Gladding said. “Ultimately we need to support to continue our efforts and provide assistance to the millions that need our assistance.”

There are a wide range of organizations helping Syrian refugees around the world. Your donation provides critical support for Syrians in need of emergency assistance:

The UNHCR - The UN refugee agency provides shelter and critical emergency support to Syrian refugees.

World Vision: Your donation provides urgent supplies like food, hygiene items and water for Syrian children. The organization has supported more than 700,000 people in Syria to date.

Unicef Canada: This child-focused group is committed to keeping Syrian children from becoming a “lost generation.” It’s efforts focus on health, nutrition, immunization, water and sanitation, as well as education and child protection.

The World Food Programme – The WFP’s response focuses on delivering food, e-cards and organizing logistics to help Syrians. WFP provides emergency food assistance to close to four million Syrians.

The Canadian Red Cross - The Canadian Red Cross is working on the front lines of the conflict with the Syrian Arab Crescent to provide food, household items, healthcare, and supplies to help survive the chilly winters.

Amnesty International – Funds will be used to ensure observers are in the field to report human rights violations, and for Amnesty International workers to meet with UN officials to support Syrian refugees.

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