Saturday, December 19, 2015

Compassionate Action Steps for Non-Muslims

C. Coimbra

From the Charter for Compassion

Compassionate Action Steps for Non-Muslims

The range can be from a simple act such as:

  • Joining Muslims in press releases and press conferences
  • When you directly or overhear an Islamophobic comment, respond with patience and tolerance and ask, “Do you know a Muslim personally?” Then, and/or invite them to join you on a visit to a mosque or to have tea with a Muslim friend so they can explore their fear or opinions with personal experience.
  • Speaking with media and having different voices heard.
  • Be active on social media and provide support which includes sharing positive stories, Joining a Muslim friend and going to a mosque or inviting them to speak at other places of worship.
  • Call or walk into a mosque and ask the Imam or office staff if you could sit down and talk, showing your support
  • Smiling at Muslims
  • Calling Muslim friends and family and letting know one cares

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