Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Free Haircuts for Homeless

A fresh haircut can make a difference how we feel, how we look, and how others look at us.  So what if you are homeless?

Barbers and hairdressers around the world are putting their scissors and razors to work, to bring beauty to those who dwell in the streets.

Mark Bustos, spends his day off giving free haircuts to homeless men on the streets.  He posted: “Every human life is worth the same. We all deserve a second chance.”

UK hairdresser, Joshua Coombes, explained to Express & Echo: "Giving haircuts is such a small thing. It is just me going up to someone having a chat and cutting their hair; they really appreciate the gesture." #dosomethingfornothing

Australian barber, Nasir Sobhani,  recently spent a day in St. Petersburg and offered free haircuts to the Russian homeless.   According to Russia Beyond the Headlines, "Nasir Sobhani is known for spending one day a week giving free haircuts to homeless people all over the world. His first free-haircut client was a drug addict who used to wash windows outside the barber shop where Nasir Sobhani worked."

For the holiday season, "..hairstylist Mandie Barnes decided to do a good deed in the spirit of the holiday: give free haircuts to the homeless in Utah...With the help of volunteer Brook Brian, Barnes organized the event on Dec. 19 at Ogden Rescue Mission. They were able to get several experienced stylists to contribute, and help the homeless who could use a little hair maintenance. Local businesses and friends donated supplies, food, and even clothing like hats and socks," writes,

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  1. I just saw this story on our local news. What a great way to Pay It Forward. They truly did do something that makes a difference. Kudos.