Wednesday, December 23, 2015

More Thoughts from the Islamophobia Guidebook

Public Domain photo by Petr Kratochvil

The following excerpts are from the Islamophobia Guidebook from the nonprofit, Charter for Compassion.

Spend time with Muslims in your community and ask them what you can do to help. Maybe hold a vigil or a public demonstration of solidarity with the faithful to show your support. Attend a service in a Mosque or other place of worship to foster understanding and invite them to your place of worship. Hold an interfaith dinner or event and invite people of other faiths and include Muslims.

Do not be silent in the face of terrorism—any terrorism. Harassment, ridicule, racism, name calling, marginalization, violence, acts of cruelty have no place in civil society particularly in holy places. It is hypocritical to pretend to be against terrorism or terrorists while perpetrating your own brand of terrorism. Do not tolerate terrorism in any form including micro-aggressions. Be clear and be vocal about the intolerance. If the offense is in writing or in the media, write a letter to the editor or go to the comment section of the website to make your thoughts known. Counter bullying where you find it on social media.  Let the Muslims in and around your community know you care, embrace and support them. Be visible.

Educate self, others and your community about Islam. Invite a speaker to give a sermon in your place of worship; request books for your library or buy and donate books that help with understanding about what Islam is; bring Islam up in a meeting and discuss how to approach prejudice in your community; practice zero tolerance in the face of intimidation or harassment.

Keep and speak an open mind. Remind those who would close their minds and hearts to others what irreversible damage has been done and what evil perpetrated in the world in the name of religion.

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