Saturday, December 19, 2015

Random Kindness on a Busy Bridge

Today's prism is a post on Facebook by a friend of mine who lives in India.  It's a random act of kindness.

Today while driving from college (SIES,Nerul) my scooty's petrol got ceased up on the highway (middle of Nerul Midc bridge). I started to walk holding scooty and kept on walking till I find a petrol pump though it was too difficult specially the heat about to overcome me.
On the way (Belapur bridge) a man on bike may be 40yrs of age found me
"Baito mein peeche se daka deta hu"
"Nai...chalega ji"
But I got worried when he said,
"aaju baaju koi pump nahi hai...taloja jaana padega"
Yeah,unfortunately there are no petrol pumps nearby.
After pushing my scooty for some distance he asked me for a bottle and I had one. He began to fill some petrol from his bike.
"Thankyou Ji"
"Chalo mein bhi aa raha hu"
We went but in between his petrol too got exhausted.
He kept bike in reserve mode and we both went to Taloja and filled the petrol.
"Ji mein bharta hu apka petrol ka paisa"
"Nai koi baat nahi" (with a smile)
He went away as he was quite busy.
I even didn't got a chance to ask his name and whereabouts.
If God is a saviour then I saw God.
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