Saturday, December 19, 2015

Respect for All Faiths

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The following excerpts are from the Islamophobia Guidebook from the nonprofit, Charter for Compassion.

Respect the instruments of all religions whether it’s the building housing the faithful, the scriptures or holy book that is considered divinely inspired and prophetic. Consider how inflammatory disparaging someone else’s instruments, traditions, ceremonies is and how you would feel being on the receiving end of that prejudice and hatred. Speak up about respecting all peoples and all faiths whether it suits you or not, in the name of freedom of religion.

Fundamentalism in any faith is rigid and emotions run high among fundamentalists. Fear and dependency are driving forces in fundamentalism. Understand that those who espouse it are motivated by fear and the rigidity is defense in the face of fear. Fundamentalists don’t embrace change. Hating or disdain will not help someone examine their own beliefs and behavior but will serve to reinforce the behavior and make it more rigid. Most people who adopt rigidity do not recognize their unconscious motives. Listening to reasoning and finding common ground is a better response than condemnation.

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