Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Compassion: A Crucial Moral Rudder

Embody Compassion

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From the A Force for Good website:

Kindness toward others is part of our biological makeup and can play a larger role in our lives. The first step is simply to recognize that compassion is good for us: Our own well-being lies in the welfare of everyone. Genuine compassion calls for us to transcend the small differences that define race or tribe or group and embrace the commonality of all human beings. Understanding the principles below can help guide us to that goal.

  • Humans have an innate need both to give and to receive affection.
  • Caring for others improves our own emotional state.
  • Our “circle of concern” can gradually extend beyond our own group to include all people.
  • Compassion is a crucial moral rudder as we tackle the world’s problems.

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