Monday, January 18, 2016

Conscious Beyond Convenience

From the One With Nature website
From the One With Nature website

We are a community rooted collective, promoting active outdoor lifestyles. We believe the more time you spend outside, the more connected you become to the natural world. Our products and services foster environmental awareness and we allocate no less than 25% of our profits to environmental projects. Enacting positive environmental change one project at a time.
In the past 50 years human beings have emitted carbon at a rate that exceeds the emission levels of our prior existence combined. Couple this with mass deforestation, and increasingly acidic oceans (both act as carbon sinks), there’s plenty of evidence that we are disrupting ecological systems around the world at an alarming rate and scale.
The technology boom has created the world’s fastest growing waste stream, also known as e-waste. All instigating a mass scale, resource intensive consumption culture. Yet we must realize our current consumption habits are not sustainable, but destructive. Frustrated with this reality, we formed One With Nature. An environmental collective set out to connect people with the outdoors and shape responsible consumption habits. We are not separate from nature, but rather we are a part of it and we must not lose sight of that. Therefore go outside and connect to the natural world. We must become aware of our consumption and develop a conscious beyond our convenience. Currently we are focusing on two local projects that initiate change.
1) Responsible Tourism
2) Hiking Trail Signs

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