Friday, January 8, 2016

Earth Island Institute Tackles Earth's Environmental issues

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Earth Island Institute was fashioned, in one sense, to encourage people to be bold. The name Earth Island came from Margaret Mead, who urged respect for “The Island Earth.” Her famous admonition, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has,” could be the organization’s motto.

But it takes more than thoughtfulness and commitment to repair this abused planet. To make a real difference, a group, sometimes an individual, needs support in a variety of areas – a place to work, for example, money to pay the bills, a website, maybe help with press relations or advice on the political process, help in keeping the books in order, and a myriad other tasks, large and small, that can too easily detract from time better spent on the real work, whether that means combating climate change or saving an endangered species.

This is part of the philosophy of Earth Island Institute, founded in 1982. The general idea was to provide a home for people who had an interesting new strategy for saving the Earth: Encourage them, offer administrative support, process grant money, give advice when asked for it. Earth Island would be a new kind of service organization, “a temple for all the people doing good,” in the words of Herb Gunther of Public Media Center (PMC), a nonprofit ad agency that was instrumental in getting the Institute started.

Projects include:

  • ALERT – A Locally Empowered Response Team
  • All One Ocean
  • The Altai Project
  • Alter Terra
  • The Armenian Environmental Network
  • Baikal Watch
  • Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT)
  • Bay Localize
  • The Borneo Project
  • Burrowing Owl Conservation Network
  • California Student Sustainability Coalition
  • California Urban Streams Partnership
  • Campaign to Safeguard America's Waters (CSAW)
  • CarbonfreeDC
  • Center for Ecosystem Restoration
  • Center for Safe Energy
  • Changing Gears
  • The Children in Nature Collaborative
  • Climate Wise Women
  • CoalSwarm
  • Eco-Village Farm Learning Center
  • EcoEquity
  • EFCWest
  • Ethical Traveler
  • Food Shift
  • Friends of Barefoot College
  • Friends of Muonde
  • Generation Waking Up
  • Global Trails Alliance
  • Global Women's Water Initiative
  • Green Life
  • Greenwash Action
  • Hempstead Project Heart
  • The Historically Black Colleges & Universities Green Fund
  • iMatter, Kids vs. Global Warming
  • International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP)
  • John Muir Project
  • KIDS for the BAY
  • Los Angeles Wilderness Training
  • Nature in the City
  • The Oakland Food Policy Council
  • Plastic Pollution Coalition
  • Project Coyote
  • Project Survival Media
  • Raptors Are The Solution
  • Real Food Real Stories
  • Renew Missouri
  • Rooted in Community
  • Sacred Land Film Project
  • Safe Food and Fertilizer
  • SAVE International (SAVE)
  • Serengeti Watch
  • Shark Stewards
  • Solar Campus Initiative
  • South Coast Habitat Restoration
  • Sustainable World Coalition
  • Transition Earth
  • Ultimate Civics
  • Urban Biofilter
  • Urban Bird Foundation
  • Urban Farmacy
  • Viva Sierra Gorda
  • West County DIGS
  • Wholly H2o
  • Wild Hope
  • WildFutures
  • Women's Earth Alliance
  • Youth Empowered Action

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