Friday, February 12, 2016

After Worldwide Meditation, Syrian Ceasefire Plan Begins

Ten days after millions of people gather for a worldwide synchronized meditation, an agreement is signed in Munich to end the violence in Syria.

Many will think it was just a coincidence, but consider this: After nearly every worldwide synchronized meditation focused on an area of the world experiencing extreme violence and war, a peaceful solution was achieved within two weeks.

Are we taking credit for what happened today? Of course not. What we are doing is using this to illustrate what could happen if we continue this movement of peaceful, prayerful activism. My goal is to have an "Army of Light" ready to respond at a moment's notice whenever a situation arises that needs our focus - at least a million people from around the world we can contact days or even hours before we gather to shower our energy on a given crisis. We hope you will continue to support this movement. You are not powerless, and this is the way you can help change the world!

--From James Twyman

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