Thursday, February 25, 2016

Deepak Chopra Offers Free Meditation Workshop Online

Deepak Chopra is inviting you (at no charge!) to "The Modern Meditator: How to Quiet Your Busy Mind and Discover Who You Really Are", a Chopra Center online event featuring Deepak and his long-time friend, Roger Gabriel, who has spent the past 40 years teaching more than 10,000 people to successfully meditate.

Deepak and Roger will dispel myths, shatter common misconceptions and provide you with expert insights derived from years of personal practice and teaching . . . so you gain the confidence and know-how you need to successfully integrate meditation into your life and use it as a powerful pathway to discover who you are and why you’re really here.

In one hour on Wednesday, March 2nd, Deepak and Roger will show you:

  • The simplest way to start a dedicated meditation practice that thrives – with even the most hectic of schedules. 
  • The number-one way to know if you’re doing it right – and how to instantly get back on track when thoughts intrude.
  • How to break through the top barrier that blocks most people from sustaining a meditation practice once they begin it.
  • The fastest way to quiet the noise of your busy life – and become connected to the true essence of your inner self, the place from which all things are possible.

---excerpted and edited from an email from the Chopra Center

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