Monday, February 1, 2016

Positive Action to Stop Social Media Bullying

Art by Dawn Hudson

The Inspiring Project is an international and global movement where being yourself and promoting positive thinking is all we do. We believe that no person in the world should be upset with who they are and should never have to go on the internet and be subject to bullying and or commit suicide as a result.

How it started:

I was sitting at home on a December evening when I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed and trying to find more inspirational and photos to post. I had received a message in a direct message from a girl who explained to me that she was having a bad day. She needed some advise and asked me if I had any for her. I talked to her for awhile and then soon, the conversation ended with her thanking me and respecting my time and effort that I took to talk to her. Soon afterwards about 2 weeks later, another person messaged me and asked me the same questions. That is where the idea came to me. "I need to do something" "I need to stop or at least prevent this harsh thought of bullying and make these people out there on social media have a better day." I created "The Inspiring Project" in which is intended to eliminate suicide and bullying in teens and adults in today's world of life and socialism. Soon, the idea of having people post to #THEINSPIRINGPROJECT and make people spread inspiration to their medias and show their community and followers that it is okay to be different and express themselves freely. The project is intended to be a chain reaction in which it can spiral out by more and more people. The project began with multiple people messaging me, and now I want to save people's lives and make them feel better.

The project continues to grow each day and the more people involved, the better the world and social media gets!

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