Saturday, February 13, 2016

Super-Bowl Cities Collect a Million-Plus Food Items for Charity

C. Coimbra photo

The Carolina Panthers may have lost Sunday to the Denver Broncos, but Charlotte took home the bacon (and beans) thanks to a wager over whether Denver or Charlotte could collect the most food for charity by the end of Super Bowl 50.

Final score: Carolinas 636,891 food items, Denver 360,664.

In addition, 177,000 pounds of potatoes were donated for the cause, most through the Society of St. Andrew’s North Carolina Gleaning Network.

Much of the food will benefit Loaves & Fishes food pantries.

The local food drive – coordinated by the United Methodist Church – coincided with the city’s annual Scouting for Food drive, which also benefits Loaves & Fishes. As a result, scout units associated with Methodist churches were allowed to count their food collections toward the Super Bowl contest.
--From the Charlotte Observer

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