Saturday, March 12, 2016

"Levitating the US Presidential Election"

No matter how you feel about the United States, or even if you do not live here, the election of the next US President will impact every person on the planet. Lately, as hard as it has been to watch, it seems that many in the United States have lost touch with the qualities that made our country great - qualities like openness and compassion. In fact, the leading Republican candidate believes that quoting Mussolini, banning Muslims from the US and insulting entire countries is the path to being elected President.

What if we could do something positive to bring sanity and peace back to this situation?

On March 21st, James Twyman and others will be present at a Donald Trump rally, and millions of people will join in prayer and meditation at the same moment. We've proven that synchronized meditation can shift the energy of countries at war, now let's see if we can use it to bring peace to this situation.

We are not endorsing any candidate, or focusing on a single person or group. In fact, we are encouraging as many people as possible to attend rallies of all the candidates wearing the T-shirt "Meditating For Peace." It's time to come together, not be pushed further apart.

If you are part of the WorldPeacePulse family you will be receiving more information soon. We will not know the exact time or city of the rally until approximately one week before it happens.

WANT TO GO TO A RALLY YOURSELF, or find another rally you can attend?
Imagine what would happen if groups of people attended rallies for all the candidates wearing T-shirts that say: "Meditating For Peace" while holding a space of silence during the speeches and activity. We hope to trigger an entire movement with this initiative. If you would like to order a shirt CLICK HERE.

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