Tuesday, March 29, 2016

No Fooling. Meditation to Uplift American People on April 1

Please join us on April 1 at 12 noon Pacific for our next Global Shift Meditation, intended to uplift the hearts and minds of the American people in this important election year. No matter where we live on the planet, the results of the US elections are likely to impact us all, due to the influence of the US on world affairs. This year, it is obvious that extreme and volatile elements are at play in the US political environment. Although these forces present undeniable dangers, there is also an unusual opportunity for a significant positive shift to occur in the US political system, in service to our collective evolution.

Our guest teacher is the renowned, politically-engaged mystic Andrew Harvey. Andrew will set the context for our meditation by sharing his thoughts on the current state of the US political scene, including an uncompromising articulation of the dangers of the situation and the depth of courage we need to draw from to face the challenge. He will then guide us into the classic Buddhist tonglen practice, one of the most powerful technologies available for transmuting the darkness of the world in the alchemical vessel of our hearts.
--From the Shift Network

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