Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Seeking Cities of Peace and Compassion

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A compassionate city is an uncomfortable city! A city that is uncomfortable when anyone is homeless or hungry. Uncomfortable if every child isn’t loved and given rich opportunities to grow and thrive. Uncomfortable when as a community we don’t treat our neighbors as we would wish to be treated.

~Karen Armstrong, Founder of the global movement, The Charter for Compassion

Whether you have a compassionate city, community or country initiative it may be time to think of adding another issue to your action plan—Become an international City of Peace. As ICP notes peace is becoming the zeitgeist, or spirit of our times. CCI and ICP are beginning to work to see each existing ICP city become a compassionate city and each CCI community become an International City of Peace. Join us in this effort. If you are an existing initiative and want to become an ICP let us know. If you are considering becoming a compassionate initiative then register so we can help you begin this joint process.

Both CCI and ICP share similar approaches to grass roots organizing and ways in which communities can collaborate to move towards a global transformation. Please consider joining both our organizations in working for peace.

---From the Charter for Compassion

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