Friday, April 15, 2016

Compassion Games Invitation

C. Coimbra photo
Charting the Games has one primary mission: to cover the global culture of compassion that is emerging around the world, and to invite you and your communities to join the movement in ways that are fun, creative, and deeply meaningful.

The Charter for Compassion ignited a global movement that inspires people of all cultures and faiths to embrace the core values of compassion. Not long after, the Compassion Games emerged as a global expression to make the movement move, bringing the vision of the Charter to life through collective and direct action. In the Compassion Games, people form teams that challenge each other to strive together and make our planet a better place to live through community service and acts of kindness.

The five annual Compassion Games focus on:

:: Earth Stewardship ::
:: Social Equity ::
:: Interfaith Peace ::
:: Youth Empowerment ::
 :: Global Unity ::

You and your communities are warmly invited to play with countless others around the world who are working to bring a global culture of compassion to life. In unprecedented, unified action, we can and will live into this vision of our world, together. Game on!

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