Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Be Fearless. "Let Urgency Conquer Fear"

Fearless. C. Coimbra photo
Editor's Note:  The Case Foundation's Be Fearless campaign caught our attention. We presently hear so many reasons to fear everything around us.  Fear generates negativity. Fear inhibit creativity.  Fear dampens the brain's ability to expand.   The following is the latest post from the Case Foundation's update page:

Awareness raising. Relationship building. Network development. Experimentation. Tipping point. Sustained action. That is the anatomy of a movement. At the Case Foundation, we aim to be movement catalyzers around social innovation. Right now we are focused on driving two major movements—impact investing and inclusive entrepreneurship. And we are intent on bringing a Be Fearless approach tipping the scales from good intention to meaningful action that can change the world. Over the next several months, we are going to highlight the key phases of movement catalyzing and our associated work in those areas. This month we are highlighting the importance of turning interest into action and recognizing the need to be intentional about doing so in our own programs.

Over the next few weeks, Jean and Steve Case and members of the team will be traveling from coast to coast and participating in various events that demonstrate the power and potential of turning interest into action. In some cases, we will be the ones encouraging and educating others in service of catalyzing our core movement areas, while in other cases we will be the ones learning and open to taking action ourselves.


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